Additional Settings

Categories setting: Here you can set the different color in different categories as you wish. 

  •  Step1: Go to  Appearance > Customize>Additional Setting> Categories color
  • Step 2: Choose the different color for each category
  • Step 3: Click on Save  Publish button

Video File to set categories title color on EggNews WordPress theme:

 Social Media

Step 1:Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Additional Settings > Social Media.
Step 2: Enter your social media account URL into Social URL text field.
Step3: Finally, Click on Save & Publish button.

(You can put social media after this link display on website top header section)  Look at image


Reading Indicator Option

Set Reading Indicator Option Appearance >Customize> Additional Settings> Reading Indicator Settings

Click on Applied position indicator on the website.

and Now you can select indicator on TOP, LEFT, RIGHT and BOTTOM

Read more option is used for post option.


Settings More Stories

From this section, you can add sidebar flying, Which makes the website more interactive and attractive.

Go to: Customizing ▸ Additional Settings>>More Stories

Now click on Show More Stories and add text to More stories text on textbox: MORE STORIES