Creating New Category

Step 1 : Go to Dashboard > Posts > Categories
Step 2: Now Enter Category name at Name field.
Step 3: If you need different category name you can enter slug for the category but not necessary to add a new one.
Step 4: If you want to make child category then select the existing category from the drop-down, otherwise, leave it as Blank.
Step 5: Enter the category description for SEO.
Step 6: Click on Add New Category button.

Creating New Post

Step 1: Go to Dashboard > Posts > Add New
Step 2: Enter the post title after that you can add post description on the text editor
Step 3: Choose the categories from categories lists and enter tags as you like.
Step 4: Choose the sidebar option as your wish
Step 5: You can also Select the featured image for the post.
Step 6: Now Click on Publish button.

Creating New Page

Step 1: Go to Dashboard > Pages > Add New
Step 2: Type the page Name and add the page content at editor area.
Step 3: Choose the existing page if you want to create a child page, otherwise leave it.
Step 4: Choose the available page template if you want.
Step 5: Choose the sidebar from available options.
Step 6: No need to add featured image for the page.
Step 7: Click on Publish button.